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Range of flavours


The diverse topography, altitude and micro climates of the coffee growing regions throughout Papua New Guinea culminate in a diverse range of flavours of our coffees.


As we source coffee throughout the country, we are able to easily identify the unique characteristics of these coffees and then develop a blend and cup profile that will meet the most fastidious of buyers year after year.

Blending techniques

The bulk of our exports consist of Y1 and PSC X (Premium Smallholder Coffee) we also have access to coffee produced by some of Papua New Guineas finest Estates. Within our Y1 blends we are able to achieve higher levels of acidity for certain buyers as well as provide a cup profile that is considered more neutral.


Our blending techniques ensure a consistent and reliable product.

Cup quality


We take the time to understand the needs of our clients and appreciate that we are operating in a world that needs to be flexible.


We are proud that we are able to adjust our blends to continually meet these small or large changes in defect counts or cup quality that is demanded by the global coffee market.